Sintra International Singing &
Choral Conducting Course

SINTRA - THE COURSE 25th July to 1st August 2015

Conductors start Sat July 25 at 10:00
Singers start Sun 26th July at 17:00

The Course is for
1. up to 30 very experienced singers who are either extremely good sight-readers, or are prepared to learn the music thoroughly in advance. The music chosen is challenging and needs some preparation from even the best of readers. Singers should be able to sing the music one or two on a part in small ensembles during rehearsals.
2. up to 3 conductors wishing to improve their choral conducting. Some previous experience is necessary as this is not a course for beginners. Music should be prepared in advance. Conductors will be expected to sing with the choir.


See Repertoire for a description of this year's music.


Singers get daily warm ups and instruction in vocal technique, an individual singing lesson, choir rehearsals, and opportunities for one to a part ensemble singing in some astonishing places.

Conductors get daily warm ups and instruction in vocal technique, coaching in conducting both away from the choir and with the choir, to conduct ensemble rehearsals and at least one piece in the final concert. Conductors have two dedicated days with tutors in advance of the singers arriving. Conductors are expected to sing with the choir when not conducting.


Evening events are optional. They usually include a Portuguese music event (free), a trip to a Fado Club in Lisbon with dinner and traditional Fado music (paid for individually), and the course party with entertainment provided by small ensembles.


Open air workshop at Quinta da Regaleira.
Main concert at the end of the week in a local church. A recording of the main concert will be made available after the course.


Saturday 10:00 Conductors Register
  10:00 Session 1 & 2
  13:00 Lunch
  15:00 Session 3 & 4
  18:00 Break
  20:00 Dinner

Sunday 09:30 Session 1 & 2
  13:00 Lunch
  15:00 Session 3
  17:00 Break
  17:00 Singers Register
  17:45 Welcome to All
  18:00 Warm Up & Rehearsal
  19:30 Break
  20:00 Communal Dinner

Monday &
09:30 Warm Up
Tuesday 10:00 Rehearsals
  13:00 Lunch
  Afternoon free for ensembles, individual lessons, rest, practice, shopping, exploring
  17:00 Rehearsal
  19:00 Break, bar, optional informal ensembles
  20:00 Dinner

Wednesday Morning as Mon & Tues but free afternoon & evening

Thursday As Mon & Tues

Friday 09:30 Warm Up
  10:00 Rehearsals
  13:00 Lunch
  15:00 Rehearsals
  16:00 Break
  16:30 Concert
  18:00 Alumni tea at Quinta da Regaleira to be confirmed
  18:30 Alumni Rehearsal at Quinta da Regaleira to be confirmed
  20:00 Dinner

Saturday 11:30 Rehearsals
  13:00 Lunch
  15:00 Rehearsals
  18:00 Break
  21:30 Concert
  22:30 Celebration Meal
  Please note the lateness of the traditional Portuguese concert time and therefore the Celebration meal on Saturday night when planning any Sunday travelling.


The course will be given in English. Both course co-ordinators speak English, Italian, and Portuguese.
(See Linksfor basic Portuguese)


See Payment Details.


See Travel for details.


Arrangements will be made with local restaurants for group bookings. Numbers for such meals will be taken on the course, as some will wish to eat independently and a la carte. Course members are encouraged to attend the communal meals at the beginning and end of the course. Meals are not included in the course fee, but all food & drink at break times is.

The Portuguese cuisine available in the town is generally in the style of simple, hearty, country cooking. There is a lovely restaurant at the Quinta da Regaleira, the rehearsal venue, where many people have lunch.


See Accommodation for recommendations.