Sintra International Singing &
Choral Conducting Course

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  • "Singing, conducting, laughing, wonderful Adraga beach, palaces, castles at every turnand eating black pig sausages and discovering spectacular Portuguese wines - a perfect foil to office work"
  • "a wonderful, intense week"
  • "have been boucing and feeling happy just remembering"
  • "brilliantly organised"
  • "excellent team, perfect combination"
  • "great week together; achieved an amazing amount in a short time"
  • "Pedro - the perfect interpreteur, what a jewel!"
  • "wonderful ideas. As a conductor loved hands on, getting feet wet approach, and being able to make mistakes!"
  • "vocal warm ups brilliant. I really feel that i have started to breathe out properly whilst singing"
  • "it was fab! Haven't enjoyed a concert more!"
  • "wonderful venue"
  • "week was so interesting; selection of music was great; real thrill to get the reception we did at the concert - brilliant!"
  • "great course....hope it will go from strength to strength"
  • "Inspirational"
  • "Favourite part of the course?.......warm ups, fado evening, good company at meals, Gershwin in the cave, Lorenzo's Verdi, the fish restaurant on the beach and writing the opera, the way David and Ghislaine worked together"
  • "I learnt SO much!"
  • "Well done on the Sintra formula - it DEFINITELY works"
  • "Fantastic"
  • "you thought so sensitively about all our needs and went out of your way to meet them!"
  • "best holiday of my life!"
  • " amazing choice of conductor"
  • "David.....excellent!"
  • "Ghislaine.....superb!"


  • Composing opera at the beach
  • Performing opera at the party
  • Pedro's Portuguese evening/ fado evening
  • Pat's legs hanging out of a first floor window whilst breaking in to find the keys in the small hours of the morning
  • David's jokes at the concert
  • Ghislaine on trial at the party


  • Brian's monkey and Pedro's handstand in the opening Name Game
  • Liz's and David's Wedding Anniversary
  • This is a Bing/Bong and the Ford Anglia Gearbox games at the party
  • Singing Glinka in the rehearsal room before its overlively acoustics were dampened
  • A certain lady's request for prunes