Sintra International Singing &
Choral Conducting Course



Director, conductor, vocal instructor

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Ghislaine's CV

"I make more progress in half an hour with Ghislaine than I do in a year of voice lessons at home."
" voice seems so much more sure of itself through such simple exercises."
"The private singing lessons have really helped me when I have gone on to direct my own choirs at home. ...This has led to immediate improvement in their sound ...and compliments on my improved singing."
"Ghislaine is brilliant at getting a good sound"
"Ghislaine's warm-ups - wow!"
"superb musicianship and committment to excellence"
"technical knowledge - amazing"
Conductor, conducting instructor

David's CV

"From the moment he stepped forward with an encouraging grin, we knew that we were in for something good."
" would be hard to better "
"And the concert improved further as it progressed, ... impressively handled by Conductor David Lawrence."
"Lawrence ... led the combined forces in a gorgeous performance of this work."
"David makes SISCCC the best workshop I've ever attended."
"the quality of the outcome exceeded my expectations. I was left wishing for more. I had enjoyed singing…so much"
"David Lawrence has a great rapport with …singers; he encouraged, cajoled and gave technical pointers which … brought out the very best"

Course Co-ordinater

Enrico's CV

"...a wonderful & delightful man helpful, nothing was too much trouble"
"...a deeply serious conductor....his Mendelssohn was the highlight of the concert for me"
"...great organiser. The Bologna reunion was a real treat."
"...beneath the quiet exterior- beware the Ruggieri sense of humour!"

Course Co-ordinater

Francisca's CV

"An invaluable member of the SISCCC organisation since it's foundation in 2006"
"A breath of fresh air.....what an exceptional lass"
"Belies all the 'soprano' stereotypes"
"Couldn't ask for a better course assistant"
"Kika's and Enrico's hosting of the reunion created fabulous memories yet again"